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Added : 6th August 2011
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Description About Windows Logo

Microsoft Windows Logo – Microsoft Windows is a brand name for operating systems of Microsoft company. Originally, Microsoft Windows was a graphical extension of the operating system MS-DOS (such as, for example, GEM or PC / GEOS). In the meantime, this line of development in favor of Windows NT and Windows product line, given the known operating system as a whole. The name of Windows stems from the fact that the user interface of applications than rectangular windows are displayed on the screen.

windows logo

Windows operating systems are most common on personal computers and servers, in addition, there are versions for devices such as smartphones or PDAs, as well as for specific embedded devices such as full electronic instrumentation and retail POS systems or for use in motor vehicles. The Windows operating systems with an estimated market share of about 92 percent market leader in PC operating systems, allowing the company Microsoft holds a virtual monopoly. This fact has led in the past to a number of lawsuits, which had the advantage of this market position to the content.

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