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Added : 18th September 2012
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Microsoft windows 8 is an os produced by Microsoft Corporation for use on pcs, including house and office personal computers, notebooks, and tablets.

Development of this os started before the discharge of its forerunner in 2009. Its existence was first declared in Jan 2011 at Customer Electronics Show. During its growth and test stages, Ms launched three pre-release versions: Designer Review , Customer Review, and Launch Review. On Aug 1, 2012, windows 8 finished from the growth stage and was launched to manufacturing. Microsoft windows 8 is scheduled for general accessibility on Oct 26, 2012.

Windows 8 presents significant changes to the managing body user interface and platform such as a new style language used by other products, a new Start screen to replace the Begin menu used by previous variations of windows, a new web store that can be used to obtain new applications, along with a new foundation for apps. Additional safety measures were also added to the os, such as a built-in anti-virus program and a protected start function on systems with UEFI firmware. Secure start requires the os to be electronically signed to protect viruses from infecting the beginning process. The execution of this function has stimulated debate among followers of free software application. Ms windows 8 also presents an edition of the os designed to run on devices that utilize the ARM structure, known as Ms windows RT.

Microsoft Windows 8 Logo

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