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Download Wikipedia Logo Wallpapers – Wikipedia is one of 15 Founded in January 2001 free online encyclopedia in several languages. The name Wikipedia is a portmanteau word composed of “wiki” (Hawaiian for “fast”) and “Encyclopedia” (the English word for encyclopedia). The English Wikipedia has well over three million items, the largest language version, followed by the German-speaking Wikipedia, with over one million articles. The entries (“article”, etc.) of the individual authors of Wikipedia to be – less often by working collectively Authors – gratuitously conceived, written and revised jointly by the disclosure, expanded and updated.

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The goal of Wikipedia is to create a freely licensed and high quality encyclopedia and Wikipedia verbreiten.Jeder internet user can not only read but also participate as an author. To edit content, Registration is not required, but – under a pseudonym or real name – is desired. In an open editing process has on hand, which is accepted by the community of employees. To date, approximately 1.016 million registered internationally and an unknown number of unregistered users contributed to Wikipedia. More than 6,700 writers working regularly with the German edition (figures as at 31 October 2009).

The Wikipedia is currently the most widely used online reference and is ranked at number eight of the most visited websites. The English version is by far the most viewed, followed by the Japanese and the German edition. Besides serving as the Wikipedia encyclopedia is playing a growing role as a medium for the dissemination of news, even in current crisis situations. All contents of Wikipedia are available under free licenses – the articles are available under the GNU Free Documentation License, since the 15th June 2009, under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License (CC-BY-SA), for images, there are different licenses – and can thus (under certain conditions) even commercially used, modified and distributed.

Operators is the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization based in San Francisco, California. In many countries there are also independent Wikimedia associations that work with the Foundation. In German-speaking countries are the Wikimedia Germany, Austria and the Wikimedia Wikimedia CH.

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