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Download Wella Logo Wallpapers – The Wella AG is a Darmstadt hair care company whose beginnings to 1880 by the then 26-year-old hairdresser Franz Stroeher , in the upper Wiesenthal was born in Ore go back, founded the firm. First was a bestseller in 1900 invented waterproof Haartüll . The brand name “Wella” were the sons of Ströher 1927 for their permanent wave apparatus and associated cosmetics register. As “Wella AG”, the company operates from 1950 in West Germany.

wella logo

The original headquarters in the Saxon churches Roth was abandoned by the family after the war and only Ströher into Osthessen Hünfeld , eventually moved to South Hessian Darmstadt. The Rothenkirchen parent plant produced as “VEB Wella”, which is part of the VVB Sapotex was continued for the GDR market. As of 1956, called the state-owned company “VEB Londa , “which the Wella brand until 1959, but re-utilized. After the reunification of the old headquarters of the “Wella AG” has been taken. There, now the brand “Londa” is produced.

The brand presents a stylized, long-haired woman’s head in profile, his hair blown by the wind to the rear and underneath the word “Wella”. Wella in 2003 for 6.6 billion euros to 79.2 percent of the consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble acquired. In September 2005, Procter & Gamble had 95 percent of the shares. From one part of the sale proceeds built the heiress and granddaughter of the founder, Claudia Ebert, a luxury hotel on Sylt ;.’s foundation supports the Darmstadt children’s hospitals Princess Margaret Wella operation at its headquarters in Darmstadt, a private museum. This has been closed since March 2010. On 16 November 2010 the company announced to close the plant in Darmstadt until 2014. The 1,000 employees are on the sites Schwalbach and Kronberg distributed. The research site in Germany will continue to exist.

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