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Download Washington Wizards Logo Wallpapers – The Washington Wizards are a basketball – a franchise of the American Basketball League NBA . The franchise is in Washington, DC home and plays its home games at Verizon Center from.1961 under the name of the Chicago Packers Club, created originally from Chicago , Illinois . In his second season, the playing of Jim Pollard coached team under the new name Zephyrs . 1963 came the move to Baltimore , Maryland . Initially, the team was not very good, but could be improved greatly by good draft picks in 1965 and reached the playoffs for the first time. At the NBA Draft in 1967 and 1968, with Earl Monroe and Wes Unseld drafted key players. Therefore improved the Bullets steadily and reached after the two years before against the New York Knicks had lost, by defeating the first time in history the Finals. But against the team from Milwaukee with the team defeated 0-4 in games.

washington wizards logo

Then in the 1970s was followed by the most successful of the franchise. It has a talented team led by center Wes Unseld and the neuverpflichteten Elvin Hayes set up after Earl Monroe left the club in 1971. After the team initially not as well harmonized, the balance has been steadily better, but in the play-offs was subject to three years in a row the Knicks again. But after 1975 were victories over Buffalo and Boston , the NBA finals are reached. However, the team lost the finals against by Rick Barry led Golden State Warriors 0-4 in games, as before, also against Milwaukee. In the next two seasons stumbled the Bullets retired a little early in the play-offs. But in the 1977-1978 season was the only NBA championship today against the Seattle SuperSonics in seven games to be won. The two teams also met in the next successive season in the finals, but this time the Sonics won with a clear 4-1. After that, the Wizards never again reached the finals today, but were in the 1980s, one of the most consistent NBA teams. 22 years in a row (from 1967-1989) reached at least 35 wins per season and reached the playoffs 18 times. But the team achieved in the 1980s only once the second round of the play-offs. In 1988 the team was the last time for the next eight years in the playoffs. Before the team was renamed in 1997, before it could reach the first time in eight years the play-offs. The last game of the playoff series against the Chicago Bulls was lost, marked also the end of an era that was initiated by a change of ownership.

Bullets from the (German: projectiles), the Wizards were (German: Wizard). This step was made ​​in view of the U.S. murder statistics, in which Washington, DC always occupies one of the first rank. In addition, the Wizards wore their home matches from now on no longer in the U.S. Airways Arena, located in Landover, Maryland, but in the newly Verizon Center in Washington, DC . From 2000 to 2003, Michael Jordan, co-owner of the franchise and also played for the team or myself. Success was still out, but at least the Wizards from 2005-2008 reached the playoffs four times. After that, the Wizards still not reached the playoffs and won in the 2008-2009 season only 19 games. Therefore, the Wizards are just the rebuild and could by winning the Draft Lottery, John Wall drafter in the first place.

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