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Download Wachovia Logo Wallpapers – The Wachovia Corporation with headquarters in Charlotte , North Carolina , is one of the largest banking chains in the United States . It was in 1879 in Winston (now Winston-Salem ), North Carolina, then in the area of Wachau , Latin, Wachovia , was founded. The Wachovia Corporation has 120,000 employees (non-current assets 808.9 billion U.S. dollars).

wachovia logo

The bank merged in 1911 with the (founded in 1893) Wachovia Loan and Trust, the new company has since carried the name of Wachovia Corporation. 1986 Wachovia bought First National Bank of Atlanta, in the following years a number of smaller banks and financial institutions. 2001 joined the Wachovia Corporation surprisingly cooperate with the Union Corporation. Further acquisitions in the following years, the Wachovia Corporation, made the fourth-largest bank in the United States. In May 2007, Wachovia took over the major U.S. stock brokerage firm A. G. Edwards for $ 6.8 billion (5.0 billion euros).

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