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Added : 5th August 2011
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Description About Vodafone Logo

Vodafone Logo Wallpapers – The Vodafone Group Plc is an international British mobile phone company with headquarters in Newbury. The name is an acronym from Vodafone voice, data, and phones (sic) and to demonstrate the company’s services: voice and data services over mobile phones. Through its presence in almost all European mobile markets, the name “Vodafone” to mark quickly.

vodafone logo

In 2003, Vodafone sales of 59.89 billion U.S. dollars and employed 60 109 employees. The German Vodafone D2 GmbH is a 100-percent subsidiary of Vodafone Plc and is currently headed by Friedrich P. Joussen. The company is headquartered in Düsseldorf, and employs 15,000 people.

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