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Download Utah Jazz Logo Wallpapers – The Utah Jazz are a team of North American basketball professional league NBA . Their home games wearing the team in the EnergySolutions Arena in Salt Lake City , Utah from. The Jazz were in the 1990s, against the best teams in the NBA. The core of this team was, during this period, from Karl Malone and John Stockton , who played 18 years together for the Jazz. 1997 and 1998 the team succeeded in moving into the NBA Finals, where, however, the Chicago Bulls defeated.The Utah Jazz were in the year 1974 as the New Orleans Jazz was founded. The team name ‘Jazz’ is on the local music style New Orleans jazz back. Even before the start of the first 1974 season, the young club caused a stir as one Pete Maravich , in exchange for future draft picks, from the Atlanta Hawks could commit. Maravich was during his college days at the local Louisiana State University , as a college legend, and even when the Hawks had already caused a sensation. As a local hero and role model should Maravich boost ticket sales. Maravich also spectacular play and the fact that he was one of the best players in the league, should favor a rapid sporting and financial recovery. Initially, the Jazz were in the Eastern Conference divided.

utah jazz logo

With Pete Maravich as the workhorse of the franchise joined the Jazz from their first season as a worst team. The following year the club achieved improved, but not the playoffs. The next few years in New Orleans were especially Maravich Showman of deposits and its high yield points (1977 Maravich was awarded the title of best scorer of the league) dominated. A 68-point game against the New York Knicks is still jazz record. The Jazz had no success so. Not even when the former NBA legend Elgin Baylor 1977-1979 occupied the post of coach. Maravich were added increasing injury problems which deprived him of his former explosiveness. Not once qualified Maravich and his team for the playoffs. especially the personnel policy of the Jazz was designed for short-term success with stars instead of talent. Thus the rights to key draft picks, which later including David Thompson (1975 by the Atlanta Hawks) and Adrian Dantley (1976 by ​​the Baltimore Bullets ) were drafted, weggetauscht for Maravich.

Particularly noteworthy is a trade with the Los Angeles Lakers 1977 . The Lakers gave at that time, the aging star Gail Goodrich off in exchange for future draft picks to the Jazz. With one of these draft picks drafteten the Los Angeles Lakers 1979 NBA legend Magic Johnson . This won the 80 with the Lakers to the NBA title five times and is still regarded as one of the best players of all time. Gail Goodrich, however, his career ended in 1979. Similarly, the Jazz waived, after the dissolution of the ABA , on the rights of Moses Malone in favor of a first-round draft pick, who was later shipped to the Goodrich deal for the Lakers.

Also, financial and logistical problems weighed on the young club. The Jazz in New Orleans found little support from fans, investors and city. The high lease with the local venue, the Louisiana Superdome , and the resulting high entertainment tax of 11%, negatively impacted the finances of the jazz great. Associated with poor athletic situation, decided the team owner Sam Battistone that the Jazz will look for a new home.

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