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Download University of Edinburgh Logo Wallpapers – The University of Edinburgh (English University of Edinburgh , Latin: Universitas Academica Edinburgensis ) was founded in 1583 and is a renowned research and teaching institute in Edinburgh in Scotland . The university is in the academic world as well as the media elite university considered . It is – next to St. Andrews (1413), Glasgow (1451) and Aberdeen (1495) – one of the four ancient Scottish universities ( “ancient universities” ) . In addition to the old 4 there are only two older English Universities: Oxford (1167) and Cambridge (1209). The University of Edinburgh is one of the largest and most prestigious universities in the UK . This is also reflected in the applications. Per year, about 47,000 students apply to the University and the University of Edinburgh, making it one of the three most popular universities in the United Kingdom. 2010, the targeted registration in undergraduate area of around 2,700 places per year was reduced.

university of edinburgh logo

The University of Edinburgh is part of the Russell Group of major UK, the leading research universities. She is the only Scottish (and apart from Oxford and Cambridge only UK) University of Coimbra Group and the LERU ( League of European Research Universities ), the two associations of leading European universities. 2003 Edinburgh was the first Scottish university, the Fair Trade status awarded. The University of Edinburgh has an income of approximately £ Mio.634 and an endowment of approximately £ 200 million has extensive financial resources, especially for research purposes. At around £ 185 million, the University of Edinburgh, the sixth-highest research income of all UK universities . The University brought nine Nobel laureates produced .

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