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Added : 15th September 2011
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Download University of Cambridge Logo Wallpapers – The British University of Cambridge (Cambridge University dt) was founded in 1209 by an extract of lecturers and students from Oxford. The university comprises several colleges, and therefore has a federal character. The official founding date of the first college, Peterhouse, was 1284th.

university of cambridge logo

The University of Cambridge is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. It has produced more Nobel laureates than any other university in the world. Members of the University have won 88 Nobel prizes, about 70 of them were students in Cambridge itself. In 2010 the university in the QS World University Ranking in third place the first Place, while in the Times ranking at the 6th Square. The leadership of Oxford and Cambridge comes in the academic life of Britain in the ironic summary description Oxbridge expression. The rivalry between Oxford and Cambridge and holds up to today finds its expression in the famous folk Boat Race, one on the Thames since 1829 annually discharged eight races of the two university teams. Because Oxford and Cambridge and some other traditional universities are very similar – at least compared with continental European universities – is its structure in the article represented British Universities.

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