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Download University of Bristol Logo Wallpapers – The University of Bristol ( English : University of Bristol , Latin : Universitas Bristoliensis ) is a public university in the English city of Bristol ([ brɪstɫ ]) with approximately 16,000 students and 1,500 academic staff ( 2005 ).The University of Bristol dates back to the 1876 Founded in Bristol University College of Bristol back, which was then an offshoot of the University of London was. It was mainly the local educational efforts and financial expenditures of the Bristol merchant and entrepreneur Henry Overton Wills owe that this College on 4 December 1909 by the British King Edward VII of the status of a university was recognized. Wills became the first chancellor of the University and to honor him is the Wills Memorial Building was built in shapes, a tower of the city’s image significantly.

university of bristol logo

Unlike the elitist and corporatist English universities of the early modern period, is the University of Bristol for a number of Victorian and middle-class universities (English: Civil universities ), which – in the spirit of the Humboldt University in Berlin and the University College London – rather a more specialized technical – personality and education promoted. The university at that time consisted only of the faculties of medicine and engineering . Today, the University’s most renowned UK with an excellent reputation in one particular geography and environmental sciences.

The coat of arms contains the beginning of Psalm 124 Nisi quia dominus – If the Lord does not come … the motto of the work of Quintus Horatius Flaccus (Odes 4,4,33-34): Doctrina sed vim promovet insitam – but brings the lesson the inherent power forward .

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