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Added : 29th August 2011
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Download Ubuntu Logo Wallpapers – Ubuntu is a free and free Linux distribution based on Debian. The distribution name in Zulu means approximately “humanity” and an African philosophy. The Ubuntu developers to pursue with the goal of an easy to install and easy to use operating system with well matched to create software. This will be achieved by the fact that exactly one task for each program is made available. The project is sponsored by Canonical Ltd. company. sponsored, which was founded by South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth.

ubuntu logo

Ubuntu has been the appearance of the first version in October 2004 increased his reputation steadily and is currently (as of October 2010) the best known and most widely used Linux distribution. The number of users is estimated at about 25 million users. In addition to Ubuntu itself, which by default since version uses the 11:04 from the Ubuntu developer community itself developed surface Unity as a desktop environment, there are several variations. To the official Ubuntu sub-projects include KDE, Xubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment and Ubuntu Studio, which is specifically geared to the needs of audio, graphics and video editing. The project Lubuntu with LXDE as the desktop environment aimed at the official status, this could in the current version does not yet reach. Since 29 April 2010 is in the Ubuntu version 10.04 (Lucid) with long-term support (LTS, that Long Term Support) is available, since 28 April 2011 also supported for 18 months, version 11.04 (Natty Narwhal).

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