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Added : 28th September 2011
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Description About Timberland Logo

Download Timberland Logo Wallpapers – Timberland is a shoe company in 1973 by a shoemaker in Boston was founded. The company focuses on shoes and clothing of the outdoor area . The Timberland Company is best known by its beige leather boots, which especially in the young hip-hop are popular scene in New York and New England, and construction workers. Meanwhile, the company produces clothing and footwear styles for different areas of everyday life.

timberland logo

Part of the company’s philosophy is the understanding of the ‘outside’ as opposed to indoors, ‘. The products should therefore be correspondingly tough. Role model: A key component of Timberlands corporate culture is social engagement and environmental protection. Thus, all employees receive an annual 40 hours of paid leave to be part of initiatives such as Earth Day and Serv-a-Palooza to engage and true to the Timberland’s motto “Make It Better” (“Make it better”) to do good. For these initiatives, the U.S. initiated the brand and sees it as their duty and social responsibility ( CSR ), were even given her several awards.

The Yellow Boat is the first product under the name Timberland. The hydrophobic shaft is welded to the bottom, so no water can penetrate between the sole and shank in the shoe (Direktangesohlt). In Germany, the shoe will therefore be sold as waterproof. The rapper and producer Timbaland took its name from the beige boots company Timberland. In April 2007, the Timberland Company bought the company Ipath , which mainly produces shoes for skate boarding area. Founded in 2010 under the Timberland, Earthkeeper’ program funds to the Haiti Foundation of musician Wyclef Jean .

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