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Added : 7th September 2011
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Description About The Avengers Logo

Download The Avengers Logo Wallpapers – The Avengers is an American comic book publisher of Marvel Comics, which led the adventures of the eponymous superhero teams erzählt.Die original series together some of the better known heroes of the Marvel universe and let them have adventures together. Founding members of the Avengers Iron Man was, Thor, Ant-Man, Wasp and Hulk, but left the team after the first issue again. In issue # 4 Captain America joined the Avengers.

the avengers logo

In the Marvel event Civil War when Norman Osborn sought to present themselves as saviors of humanity from superhero’Renegaten ‘, the team split into the double-page registration Secret Avengers and the Pro-Registration side, which later collected under the name of Mighty Avengers. Leader of the Secret Avengers is Luke Cage, who is assisted by Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Spider-Woman, Iron Fist and the second Ronin, under whose mask is Hawkeye, the former leader of the West Coast Avengers and the Thunderbolts, and echo and Wolverine. To guide and co-founder of Mighty Avengers was named Miss Marvel, now Iron Man, the Sentry, Wonder Man, Ares directs, Black Widow and Wasp.

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