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Description About Tampa Bay Buccaneers Logo

Download Tampa Bay Buccaneers Logo Wallpapers – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (short form Bucs ) are an American football team the National Football League (NFL). They play in Tampa , Florida and was founded in 1976. From 1976 to 1997 was Houlihan’s Stadium used as a home stadium. Current home stadium is the Raymond James Stadium . The jersey colors are red, tin (” Pewter “), black and white; earlier also orange. As a pewter helmet helmet is used, where a tattered flag hangs from a sword to this flag is a skull and two crossed swords and a football depicted. 2003, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were after a win with 48:21 points against the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl NFL champions. The current owner is Malcolm Glazer , who is also the football club Manchester United has.

tampa bay buccaneers logo

1976 in the AFC West started, ended Tampa Bay’s first winless season (0-14). Offset in the next season in the NFC Central, they lost another twelve games before then, the first opponent could be beaten. The Bucs have until the last day of 2002, ie for 26 years, win a game when the temperature at the beginning of the game at 4 ° C (40 ° F ) was. A similar series defeat it from 1980 to 1995, when they could not win 27 games long game outdoors on artificial turf took place. To play away from an AFC team that was up to 26 December, 1993 or 20 games long synonymous with a defeat.

The team was losing so used to. In 17 seasons, they lost their first 21 games at least ten or twelve of them consecutive seasons (1983 to 1994). Only once the Buccaneers could trump the right when, in the late 1970s until the NFC Championship game (semifinal) 9-0 of the St. Louis Rams were stopped. Not just because of their excellent performance just the team logo was often ridiculed. Jokes about the Bucs were widespread. The mid-90s, the Glazer family took over the business of the Buccaneers of Hugh Culverhouse. The Glazers pumped a lot of money into the team. Among other things, the obligation Tony Dungy , the Bucs were finally competitive. To the grim history of the team to put an end, we changed the colors from orange to white and Buccaneer red, black and pewter.

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