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Added : 5th August 2011
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Description About T-Mobile Logo

T-Mobile Logo Logo Wallpapers – T-Mobile Germany was the mobile phone division, and thus one of the former three strategic business areas of Deutsche Telekom AG (DTAG). Since 1 April 2010 renamed the T-Mobile Germany, together with the fixed network subsidiary T-Home DTAG under the name Telekom GmbH, Germany, the headquarters of Telecom Germany GmbH in Bonn.

t mobile logo

The mobile phone company is best known for her coverage available in Germany, C-Net, which at 31 December 2000 was turned off. That has put into operation in 1992 D-net 34.7 million users (as of 31 December 2010). Deutsche Telekom is the second largest mobile operator in the German market. In addition, Deutsche Telekom still has investments abroad, whose businesses continue to be marketed under the T-Mobile.

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