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Added : 25th August 2011
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Description About Sunsilk Logo

Download Sunsilk Logo Wallpapers – Sunsilk is a brand of hair care products, mainly targeted at a female target, produced by the Unilever group, considered the world leader in sales of conditioner, hair, and the second for the sales of shampoo . Sunsilk is the leading brand for hair care of Unilver, and is classified as an Anglo-Dutch conglomerate “of one million dollars.” Shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products are marketed in the Sunsilk sixty-nine countries around the world.

sunsilk logo

Sunsilk is sold under a variety of different names depending on where the market is, for example Elidor, Seda, and Sedalia. The brand was launched, initially in the United Kingdom in 1954, and in 1955 was launched the first television advertising campaign. During the sixties, a television advertising of Sunsilk used a jingle composed by John Barry, The girl with the sun in her hair, which divenen so popular as to be subsequently released as a single. the promotional campaign “Life Can not Wait”, launched in 2009, sees the protagonists Madonna, Shakira, Marilyn Monroe and Marian Rivera.

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