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Added : 1st January 2012
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Download Stardoll Logo – Stardoll is a website about virtual paper doll’s for girls and boys that enjoy¬†fashion, design and making friends. The website allows its users to select from its collection of celebrity dolls or to create their own MeDoll and dress them up with a various selection of fashion designing. Every celebrity doll has its own exclusive clothing and their are weekly releases of new celebrity dolls. The users at Stardoll can also create a community of friends whom they can chat with other kids all over the world. The team at Stardoll is comitted to create a safe and educational environment for their users.

Stardoll Logo

The membership at Stardoll is completely free for their members and the majority of their members are girls within the ages of 7 and 17. The site launched in 2004 and has reported over 124 million users worldwide. The idea behind the concept at Stardoll.com was to create a positive environment and to inspire young girls who are creative and interested in fashion.

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