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Download Star Wars Logo Wallpapers – Star Wars is one of screenwriter, producer and director George Lucas’s epic imaginary. The Space Opera began with the film Star Wars, on 25 May 1977 in the U.S. and the second February 1978 in the West German cinemas forwarder. The film became a phenomenon of today’s pop culture. Five more feature films followed, and a number of licensed books, comics, video games, minor films, television series, toys, costumes, role playing and other products.

starwars logo

In 2005, Forbes Magazine estimated by the Star Wars merchandising generated revenues over 28 years and identified a total of nearly 20 billion U.S. dollars. Thus, Star Wars, financially speaking, the most successful film project ever. Basically Star Wars is the ever-continuing struggle between good and evil. This struggle is “long ago” in a “far, far away galaxy” and is therefore regarded as a modern version of a fairy tale or a legend of art. The characters are archetypes of fairy tales, saga and Fantasy dar. As examples of Darth Vader had a black knight, Darth Vader as an evil king and warlocks and those called against Luke Skywalker as a classical hero, the Princess Leia Organa from the hand of evil emperor freed. These archetypal motifs and mythological elements were mixed and projected into a world of action, reminiscent of classic science fiction.

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