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Added : 15th October 2011
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Description About St. Louis Rams Logo

Download St. Louis Rams Logo Wallpapers – The St. Louis Rams in 1995 from Los Angeles to St. Louis , Missouri moved, are an American football team the National Football League (NFL). They play together with the Arizona Cardinals , the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks in the Western Division of the National Football Conference (NFC). The team colors are navy blue, gold and white. The Rams were the first team that designed their helmets. Fred Gehrke was born in 1948 with the idea to paint the helmets of his team-mates with horns, which is still the hallmark of the Rams. Other teams followed suit, so for example, have the Philadelphia Eagles wings, the San Diego Chargers lightning or the Cincinnati Bengals a tiger pattern on their helmets.

st louis rams logo

The Rams have already won three league titles, one Super Bowl . They were also six times Conference champion . The only Super Bowl triumph they achieved in 2000, when she, the Tennessee Titans defeated. This, among other things, they had their quarterback Kurt Warner , who during the season and Super Bowl MVP was, and her coach of the year 1999, Dick Vermeil owe, who subsequently resigned. Was the following season with their new coach, Mike Martz , then in the first playoff round, the wild card game, terminus for the defending champions. But a year later, they managed the re-entry into the Super Bowl, where they were against New England Patriots by a field goal by Adam Vinatieri lost a few seconds before the final.

The last major Erfolgsära under Mike Martz in 2005 ended with a rather mixed season, by the end of the career-related illness and injuries of head coaches in the meantime even two Starting quarterback was coined.

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