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Spyker Logo Wallpapers – Spyker was a Dutch automobile manufacturer, the constructed founded in 1880 as a carriage builder and in 1926 resolved wurde.Im 1898, both originally from Hilversum brothers, blacksmiths and carriage builders Jacobus and Hendrik-Jan Spijker in Amsterdam an elaborately gilded representative coach for the enthronement the new Queen Wilhelmina. This extremely lucrative job that they had received from the Dutch government made them famous and considered fast. Only a short time later, she established a small, specialized manufacturer of exclusive cars under the name Spijker. Focussing on key international markets, the family was Spijker (German: Nagel) soon changed to Spyker brand names (see also IJ). After initial sales of Carl Benz automobiles under the name Spyker-Benz, was formed in 1900 with the Spyker 5 HP the first true self-production of the house.

spyker logo

As an absolute milestone in the automotive and racing history, the two brothers presented the end of 1903 with the 2-seater Spyker 60 HP the first all-wheel drive vehicle and race car in the world with an internal combustion engine before. In addition to its permanent four-wheel drive was a 6-cylinder engine (8.6 liter) engine and brakes for all four wheels further 60 innovations of HP, which had been developed by the Belgian engineer Joseph Laviolette from 1902 for the Dutch.
Charles Goddard in 1907 ended the race with a Beijing-Paris Spyker successfully.

During the First World War, the business broke completely with a luxury car and Spyker 1914-1918 produced almost 100 aircraft for aerial combat and about 200 aircraft engines. After the war began soon the production of automobiles. Was called with the Spyker C4 model, which was equipped with a 6-cylinder Maybach engine and “Tenax”, won the 1922 Hugo Baron van Pallandt hill climb on Mont de la Turbie near Monte Carlo. Despite all the racing success and an outstanding reputation (the C4 is described for example in the UK like a “Rolls-Royce of the continent”) in 1925 the car production ceased in the absence of appropriate orders and 26 May 1926 the company disbanded entirely by auction. Until then, they had built about 1,500 cars and more than 100 patents to its name. 1999 acquired two Dutch businessmen’s trade mark rights and founded the new company, Spyker Cars NV, which manufactures sports cars ever since.

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