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Added : 27th September 2011
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Download Sprite Logo Wallpapers – Sprite was originally a lemonade, that they contained water, sugar and lemon juice. It was created in 1966 as a flavor “Clear Lemon” by Fanta and Sprite in 1968 to. The name of Sprite , which literally means goblin, is composed of the words spri nkle (“splash”) and li te (“light”) together. In addition to Coca-Cola and Fanta Sprite is one of three worldwide Coca-Cola brands. Today it contains no more lemon juice, but only citric acid and flavoring agents and acidity regulators, and preservatives. The ingredients are according to the manufacturer of water, sugar , carbonic acid , acidifier citric acid , aroma , acidity regulator , and sodium citrate .

sprite logo

There is also the offshoot Sprite Zero (until May 2005 Sprite Light ), which thus contains no sugar and no calories. In the U.S. there’s also Sprite Remix , which has a cranberry -flavored exhibits and Sprite Ice Cube (eg in Belgium ) with peppermint flavor. In the U.S., the company has Sprite Green released. The special feature of this drink is that as an alternative sweetener ingredient of the natural stevia plant is used. This drink is seen by experts as a prototype of a new generation of beverages as Coca-Cola has filed 24 patents on stevia time between drinks.

Since 2010, China has Sprite Tea , flavored with green tea and Sprite .

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