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Download Spiderman Logo Wallpapers РSpider-Man (in the original Amazing Spider-Man to German for a long time, the spider) is a comic figure and a comic book series from Marvel Comics. Spider-Man was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. His first appearance was in Amazing Fantasy No. 15 in August 1962. Spider-Man is one of the most important figures of the Marvel comic book publisher may, however, already for a long time not to exceed the success of the X-Men comic series. In German-speaking countries was Spider-Man since its introduction for most of the successful Marvel character.

spiderman logo

On the one hand, he is a superhero with special powers, on the other hand he has to contend with the troubles and problems of everyday life. Peter Parker, aka The Spider, is taken as an orphan by his uncle Ben and his Aunt May.

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