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Added : 13th September 2011
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Download Serie A Logo Wallpapers – The Serie A is the highest division in the Italian professional football. It belongs in accordance with the UEFA rankings after five years of the English Premier League (England), the Spanish Primera Liga and the Bundesliga’s most important European leagues. The formal name is Lega Nazionale Serie A Serie A TIM Professionisti. Organisers of the championships is the Lega Nazionale Professionisti (Italian National Professional League), a sub Organistation of the Italian football association Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio (FIGC). In general, however, the association is called simply Lega Calcio.

serie a logo

A total of 18 times, and thus most players in the Serie A European Footballer of the Year were selected, most players of Juventus Turin (eight times) and AC Milan (seven). However, only four Italian players were selected. Seven times the official put the Serie A World Footballer of the Year, has been nine times (always) a player of the Series A unofficial world footballer of the year.

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