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Added : 7th July 2011
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Samsung Logo Wallpaper,The Samsung Group is the largest South Korean conglomerate (chaebols). The Samsung Group employs more than 250,000 people and it is among the world’s largest company measured by sales and market strength. Samsung in South Korea will pay 5 billion euros in taxes, representing 8 percent of government revenues, and denies a fifth of South Korean exports. The name of Samsung in Korea means “three stars” and represents the three sons of the founder Lee Byung-Chull. President of the Samsung conglomerate, Lee Kun-hee was the third son of the founder, who resigned in a major scandal in 2008 as chairman of all items. Since then, the Samsung Group is led by the CEOs of each company. Samsung Electronics is the flagship of the group, the largest TV manufacturer and second largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world.

samsung logo

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