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Added : 6th October 2011
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Download Sacramento Kings Logo Wallpapers – The Sacramento Kings (Sacramento Kings dt) are a basketball team from the North American basketball league NBA . The team is in California’s Sacramento home. 1948 under the name of the Rochester Royals Club was founded originally located on the east coast of the United States. They moved gradually toward the west, via Cincinnati , Ohio to Kansas City , Missouri , 1985 to finally grasp the foot in Sacramento. 1951 was the last time the team in the NBA Finals .

sacramento kings logo

The Sacramento Kings were founded in the 1920s as an amateur team in 1946 and joined the professional league NBL at. There they were right in their first season champion after the team with the future Hall of Fame members of Al Cervi , Bob Davies and Red Holzman , the Sheboygan Red Skins had swept. For the 1948-1949 season , the team joined the BAA , later the NBA at. In 1951 the team went on to win his first and so far the only NBA championship.

1957 the team moved to Cincinnati in order. In the 1960s, experienced team, led by Oscar Robertson , his most successful period of 1962-1967 and reached six times in a row the play-offs, but could also win a title. Robertson left in 1970 the team that in 1972 Kansas City or Omaha moved. In the 1980-1981 season, the Kings achieved despite a negative balance of the season play-offs and failed there until the Conference Finals to the Houston Rockets .

In 1985, finally came the last day to move and that to Sacramento . In the first season in Sacramento, the team reached the play-offs, but it should be the last time for the next ten years. In the new decade, the Kings reached only in 1996, again the play-offs. After this season, the franchise at the Maloof family, has been sold, which should lead the team into a successful future.

By the drafted Jason Williams and newcomers Vlade Divac and Chris Webber , the team ended the lockout 1998-99 season for the first time with a positive outcome (27-23). Although the team failed in the first round of the Utah Jazz reached, but in the years to 2006, always the play-offs. In the 2001-2002 season the team had even the best record in the regular season (61-21) and lost the series to the Conference Finals with just 3-4 against the Los Angeles Lakers , after the last game after extra time lost.

By Weggänge of Peja Stojakovic , Vlade Divac and Chris Webber , the team was severely weakened and has not reached the playoffs since 2006. Moreover, leaving head coach Rick Adelman has been announced as the team and by Eric Musselman replaced. Under Musselman was the last team in the division. Musselman was thus by Reggie Theus replaced. But until now has been by Paul Westphal coached team does not reach the play-offs, but with Tyreke Evans , who is also the first player to Kings Rookie of the Year was chosen, a great hope in the team.

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