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Added : 14th August 2011
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Red Bull Logo Wallpapers – Red Bull (Red Bull for English) is an energy drink of the eponymous Austrian beverage company Red Bull Energy Drink Bull.Red, usually just called Red Bull, is mostly water, sugar (sucrose, glucose), glucuronolactone, caffeine and taurine, as well as aspartame (in the sugar-free version) and added vitamins. Red Bull is based mainly on the popular energy drink in Thailand Krating Daeng (กระทิง แดง, GV “Red Gaur”). According to the manufacturer to the drink a stimulating effect and performance enhancing properties, which will result from the composition of its ingredients.

red bull logo

The caffeine content of a can (250 ml) corresponds with the approximately 80 milligrams a cup of coffee, it corresponds to a can of Red Bull, like most energy drinks, a small coffee with lots of sugar. Since 2003, there are the sugar-free Red Bull Sugar Free version with an energy content of 33 kJ per box (compared to 480 kJ in the sugary version). As a sweetener aspartame is used. Since early 2007, there is next to the formerly standard 250-ml container with 355 ml of a larger, while the tall, narrow shape was retained. Also available since early 2009, a can of 473 ml, the shape of the can has been retained. Since the early 1990s, Red Bull is also available in bottles of 250 ml.
As a result of the German mandatory deposit, there is Red Bull since 2008, also in 250-ml cans and PET in 330-ml PET bottles. These were developed primarily for discounters such as, for example, Netto Marken-Discount, also there to offer Red Bull can, without having to take another drink cans made of aluminum or tin plate must.

Red Bull is not an alcoholic drink in pubs but it is often mixed drink with vodka under the name Flügerl (alluding to the Red Bull slogan) (in Switzerland is the name used in gummy bears), Vodka Energy (Red Bull with vodka-clear ), flying deer, or simply Flirsch (Red Bull, Jagermeister), Ferrari (Red Bull with red vodka, even redred) or Vodka Bull (Red Bull with black vodka) are offered, although the doses in some countries, with the warning “Do not mix with alcohol “are inscribed.

Today Red Bull is available in around 100 countries, maintains, despite numerous imitators products for a global market share of about 70% in Energy Drinks (as of 2003) and is thus one of the most successful new brands in recent years. Since 20 October 2009 is available in Germany, the Red Bull Energy Shot. The “energy shot” without gas deposit is offered in clear plastic vial with 60 ml, while the caffeine content of 133 mg ml Koffein/100 is higher than the usual Red Bull cans. Thus contains an “energy shot” in 60 ml of the same amount of caffeine as a regular 250-ml can Red Bull. According to information from the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) is in the so-called Energy shots at any energy drink in the traditional sense, but these products are marketed as dietary supplements. On the bottle of Red Bull Energy Shot labels printed in Austria following security advisory which is mandatory due to the dietary supplement regulation:
This product is not a substitute for a varied diet and should be stored out of reach of children. Recommended daily dose: 1 bottle. The recommended daily dose should not exceed.

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