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Added : 14th September 2011
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Download Real Madrid Logo Wallpapers – Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, ​​abbreviated as Real Madrid CF, the press usually just Real Madrid, a Spanish football club. The club was founded in 1902. Currently playing in La Liga. Since its foundation in all seasons spent in the first division, never fallen out. The most successful Spanish team Real Madrid in the 31 championship titles and 17 Cup victories, also won nine times in the Champions League (European Cup are included, et), which is also a record. The team twice won the UEFA Cup as well, so all European kupagyőzelmek respect to the first place (9 Champions League, UEFA Cup, 2). Home games a spectator capacity of 80,354 Santiago Bernabeu stadium in play. Original mezszíne pure white, and since 1947 home matches are always played by white outfit.

real madrid logo

The Spanish soccer team Real Madrid rivalizál several decades, they are also as Atletico Madrid and FC Barcelona. The games against Atlético El Derbi madrileñónak the meetings against Barcelona in Spain called El Clásicónak. These larger crowds than usual. The former team, class differences, while the latter can be traced back to the conflict of political rivalry. The Harvard University in 2007, according to research carried out in the real world’s second largest and most expensive, and the second largest revenue farmers’ club, with a budget of around EUR 350 million, the club and a value of nearly one billion euros. 2000th On December 23, FIFA 20 best team of the century title awarded by the Royal Guard.

Real Madrid was a founding member of FIFA since then and the now defunct G-14, Europe 14 (18 in 2002) included the most powerful football clubs. The Real G-14 was replaced by the European Club Association is also a founding member.

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