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Added : 14th October 2011
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Download Ramones Logo Wallpapers – The Ramones were an American musical group from the borough Queens in New York City . It is considered a prototype of the punk band , although the term punk as a genre name later became popular in connection with a British subculture. She created the mid-seventies, rather unintentionally, a new musical direction, as it produced an aversion against the then rock music in the era of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin did.

ramones logo

Their music was based on a few models such as The Who , the Kinks , the Beach Boys , the Stooges , MC5 and the American rock ‘n’ roll in the 1950s. Were typical simple harmonies and structures, and the total lack of solos , intros or transitions. They constitute the complete antithesis of styles such as art rock , progressive rock or fusion . Songs for the extreme speed and volume were identified. As simple as the composition and the lyrics were held, often reminiscent of nursery rhymes in their subject matter but explicitly to the social problems and issues received in the 1970s.

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