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Download Radiohead Logo Wallpapers – Radiohead is an alternative rock band in 1986 in Oxford , England was founded. Then under the name On A Friday occurring in 1989 was renamed Radiohead, after a song by the Talking Heads called Radiohead . The band consists of Thom Yorke ( vocals , rhythm guitar , piano ), Jonny Greenwood ( lead guitar , keyboard , ondes Martenot ), Colin Greenwood ( bass guitar , keyboards), Ed O’Brien ( guitar , backing vocals ) and Phil Selway ( drums , backing vocals).

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The band was formed in 1985 at the Abingdon School in Abingdon in Oxford founded – then under the name On a Friday , because we rehearsed every Friday. In early 1986, followed by the first appearance at the Jericho Tavern in Oxford . 1987 left Yorke , O’Brien , Selway , and Colin Greenwood to study at the school, but the band met regularly on weekends and holidays. It was not until 1991, the band increasingly professional and signed in that year a contract with EMI for six albums. At the suggestion of the record company was later renamed the Radiohead .

The first commercial release of Radiohead was the Drill EP in May 1992. At the time of recording, the band was still On A Friday , but the name was changed shortly thereafter, so that already Radiohead was on the cover. With the single Creep (first appeared in September 1992), which extend over a longer period in the charts of many countries was that the band had their first big success. Meanwhile, the band plays the song but no more, and only rarely in concerts. Appeared in 1993 with Pablo Honey ‘s debut album, which reached number 22 in the British charts after all. The following singles Anyone Can Play Guitar and Stop Whispering and later Pop Is Dead but not sold well, as does the 1994’s EP My Iron Lung .

Only with the second album The Bends , where producer Nigel Godrich for the first time with it, was what later became in time the “sixth band member,” the band managed to again jump into the front charts. Even critics, the album was generally rated very good. After two years in which the band was almost exclusively on tour and there new songs like Airbag , Paranoid Android and including Subterranean Homesick Alien tested, published Radiohead 1997 album OK Computer , which occurs primarily in later surveys of music magazines still greater support found than The Bends . In OK Computer , the band recorded musical risks, the unusual to the world of Britpop were, by example, with surround sound , noise experiments and computer-generated voices.

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