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Download Premier League Logo Wallpapers – The Premier League (even after the official sponsors’ Barclays Premier League, “known colloquially as” The Premiership “) is the highest league in English football and is thus located at the top level of the English league system. There are currently 20 clubs to take a round, which will be held from August to May the following year participated. About an up and down control with the underlying settled Football League Association annually is an exchange between three clubs.

english premier league logo

On 20 February 1992 as “FA Premier League” league founded adopted on 15 August of that year, officially operating on their game. The former Elite League clubs in the First Division benefited so greatly from significantly increased television revenue and split from the Football League, which lost itself to the existing hegemony since 1888 as a platform for the English and Welsh football clubs. The Premier League has since grown into the sport league with the highest number of viewers.

Of the now 40 participating clubs so far only four teams could win the Premier League Cup: Manchester United (twelve titles), Arsenal (three titles), Chelsea (three titles) and Blackburn Rovers (a title). The counterpart in the women’s field, the FA Women’s Premier League (or more precisely the “FA Women’s Premier League National Division”), where the clubs are there in more or less dependent on connections to the prestigious clubs in the men’s soccer from the Premier League and Football League. Nevertheless, the women’s league has a more semi-professional character and is in the public sector compared to men a much lower response.

In 1999, also for the reserve teams of professional clubs, the Premier Reserve League in the 2006/07 season have been the only teams in the Premier League participants eligible to play. There are in addition to the replacement players who are not part of the official pro squad, give priority to young talents in the First Division clubs to use.

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