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Added : 13th September 2011
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Download Planet Hollywood Logo Wallpapers – Planet Hollywood is an international restaurant chain. All restaurants treat the Hollywood theme. To current and former owners include the actor Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The first Planet Hollywood restaurant on 22 October 1991 in New York City opened. Initiator and founder Robert Earl, who previously worked at the management level of the Hard Rock Cafe chain and there has headed since 1989 President and CEO. Great media echo heard the opening of the first and also the following stores by the participation of numerous Hollywood stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Whoopi Goldberg and Bruce Willis. The actor had been made by co-owners Earl and together received a total of one fifth of the company. In return, they were present at the opening ceremonies of new branches.

planet hollywood logo

In May 1993, opened in London, the first branch outside the United States. Until 1994, emerged alongside New York and London, 11 more branches. They were located exclusively in international cities and tourist centers such as Paris, Cancun or Las Vegas. Celebrities like Roseanne Barr or Wesley Snipes were now entered into the company and supervised individual restaurants. The company recorded strong sales, the individual stores all worked profitably. The customer was offered an elaborate design with pieces from Hollywood films. Every restaurant and catering service also operate alongside a merchandise sales.

In 1996 the IPO and the Planet Hollywood stock reached on the first day a value of $ 30US. The company was thus worth about $ 3.5 billion. The commercial success prompted the management to continue its expansion program and to increase the number of new restaurants per year. Until 1999, Genesis of up to 95 stores in 31 states. With Berlin, Munich and Oberhausen were the three locations in Germany. A fourth German branch in Hamburg was abandoned before the start of construction. The success of this strategy failed to appear. The share price fell steadily until it fell to below the middle of 1999 was $ 1US. The company made losses in the tens of millions in the same year and had to file for bankruptcy.

As part of restructuring after the collapse, most stores were closed worldwide, including three restaurants located in Germany. In January 2000, Arnold Schwarzenegger left the community of owners of Planet Hollywood. The company was now back as pre-IPO privately owned. Robert Earl was still the main owner of the restaurant chain and built up again. This time he refrained, however, a comprehensive policy of expansion. Earl and his partners opened in 2006 in Las Vegas Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. In 2008 opened another 17 restaurants worldwide. End of 2010 there were still 14th

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