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Added : 14th October 2011
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Description About Pittsburgh Steelers Logo

Download Pittsburgh Steelers Logo Wallpapers – The Pittsburgh Steelers are an American football team of the American Professional Football League National Football League (NFL) from Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania . They belong together with the Baltimore Ravens , the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns of the Northern Division in the American Football Conference at (AFC). The team from Pittsburgh ( Pennsylvania ) takes its name from the domination of his native city, the largest steelmaker in the U.S., until the steel crisis was in the 1970s, and plays its home games in the 65 050-seat Heinz Field from.

pittsburgh steelers logo

The Steelers reached so far, eight times the Super Bowl six times and left the place as the winner. The Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa on first February 2009 , the Steelers won against the Arizona Cardinals with 27:23 and are therefore the most successful team of the Super Bowl has been held since 1967. The NFL’s most successful are the Green Bay Packers with a total of 13 titles.

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