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Download Peugeot Logo Wallpapers – Peugeot is a French vehicle manufacturer and one of the oldest existing car brands (series production since 1891). Together with Citroen, Peugeot part of the PSA group. In addition to motor vehicles is also manufactures Peugeot bicycles, motor scooters, DIY machines, grinders and spice mills for the construction industry. Peugeot’s main plant is opened in 1912, the factory at Sochaux. Other French sites are Aulnay-sous-Bois, Mulhouse, Poissy, Rennes. Abroad, Peugeot Portugal (Mangualde), Spain (Madrid and Vigo), Slovakia (Trnava), Czech Republic (Kolin) and Argentina (Buenos Aires and El Palomar in collaboration with Fiat in Cordoba) operates.

peugeot logo

The 1978 Chrysler was acquired by English-on-Dunsmore Ryton plant, where Peugeot built from 1998, the Type 206 was closed in early 2007 and continued in Trnava (Slovakia), the production of the successor type 207th. The German headquarters Peugeot has since 1936 based in Saarbrücken. In 1967, the Peugeot Germany GmbH was founded.

Since production started in 1891 produced more than 50 million vehicles. The 50-millionth Peugeot 308 SW was one. Europe include models from Peugeot the best-selling car. In 2007, Peugeot sold 1.786 million vehicles, representing an increase of 3.7% compared to last year. In 2008, worldwide sales amounted to 1.904 million vehicles, according to a low of 1.842 million vehicles sales in 2009, the number rose to 2.142 million units in 2010.

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