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Added : 14th August 2011
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Description About Oreo Logo

Download Oreo Logo Wallpapers – Oreo is the brand name of cookies of a U.S. company Nabisco, which was first marketed in 1912. The classic Oreo is a sandwich of two baked Keksteilen, which are due to the cocoa contained almost black and are tied with a white cream filling and vanilla together. The biscuits taste chocolaty tart, the filling is very sweet. The Oreo cookie has cult status in the U.S., there are many recipes that happen in those Oreos, such as shakes and cakes. Popular Essmethoden are dipping in milk or taking apart and separate eating Keksteile.

oreo logo

Oreos are also found in German and Austrian supermarkets who sold biscuits are made in Spain. In Asia, Oreos are also produced by the power company. In addition to the classic version are still in Germany Oreos with milk or chocolate, with chocolate cream filling, as a mini-Oreos available. In their homeland, the United States, Oreo cookies are in an even greater variety to be found. It is there also with crackers or peanut butter, mint cream, custard, ice cream and Oreo Double Stuf-cookies, which have twice the filling between the cookies. The site of the manufacturer lists a total of 50 products.

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