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Added : 30th July 2011
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Download Opel Logo Wallpapers – The Adam Opel AG is a German automobile manufacturer, who has been its transformation into a public company in 1929 (from 2005 to late 2010 GmbH) to U.S. car manufacturer General Motors (GM).

opel logo

With 25 103 employees (2009) Opel is one of Germany’s largest automobile manufacturer and, in addition to the parent plant at its headquarters in Rüsselsheim in Germany or factories in Bochum, Kaiserslautern and Eisenach. In Europe, the finished works of six other vehicles for GM’s subsidiary Opel. Some Opel models at GM’s subsidiaries include General Motors of Korea (formerly Daewoo) and foreign companies (Renault / SOVAB, Magyar Suzuki Corporation.) Designed and built. 2011 was the Adam Opel GmbH converted back into a corporation

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