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Download Oakland Raiders Logo Wallpapers – The Oakland Raiders (English for “Oakland robber or plunderer”) is an American football team of the American Professional Football League National Football League (NFL) from California’s Oakland . They belong together with the Denver Broncos , the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Diego Chargers in the Western Division of the American Football Conference (AFC) on. In 1960, the Raiders took the gaming operation in the AFL , in which they celebrated a championship and three division winners were. Due to the merger of the AFL with the NFL in 1970, joined the Raiders in the NFL. The traditional club is twelve times since division winner and played five Super Bowls , he chose for himself three times: Super Bowl XI , Super Bowl XV and Super Bowl XVIII . The Raiders have 13 members in the Pro Football Hall of Fame , the hall of fame in the NFL.

oakland raiders logo

The American Football League was on 14 Launched in August 1959. The Oakland Raiders were not among the eight founding members, but moved in January 1960 for the National Football League exchanged Minnesota Vikings after. A major reason for this was that no adequate stadium in Oakland was present. Until 1966, the 54 616-seat Oakland Coliseum was opened, the Raiders had in Kezar Stadium or Candlestick Park , playing on the other side of the bay from San Francisco. The first years of the club’s history were both on the field and off it marked the beginning of trouble. The result of the first three seasons was a miserable record with nine victories in 33 defeats. The audience numbers remained constant at 11,000 per game. This changed with the signing of Al Davis as head coach and general manager . Former assistant coach of the San Diego Chargers were able within a short time to form a successful team. Had the 1962 season still ended with 1-13, followed by Davis in 1963 season with 10-4 final. Davis was promptly to the AFL Coach of the Year chosen. With the three most famous slogans Al Davis “Pride and Poise,” “Commitment to Excellence” and “Just Win, Baby”, which are all registered trademarks, were the Raiders from 1965 to 1985 a total of 19 times show the best AFC West final balance. During this time they won twelve titles, the 1967 AFL Championship, 1976, 1980 and 1983, the AFC Championship and Super Bowls XI, XV, XVIII. The Raiders were also the only team of the AFL and NFL that won each in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, the Super Bowl. After joining the Raiders Davis left the team for 1966 AFL Commissioner to be, but in 1967 came back and took over the management of the club. Since then, the Raiders are under his personal leadership.

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