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Added : 4th August 2011
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Description About Nokia Logo

Nokia Logo Wallpapers – Nokia is a Finnish telecommunications group with headquarters in Espoo, which is known primarily as the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturers. In addition, the company is supplier of consumer products such as set-top boxes and devices for broadband, IP and mobile networks. Nokia is also a supplier to the automotive industry and supplies such as speakers for various makes of cars (including BMW and Audi).

nokia logo

After the May 2011 study by Gartner Inc. Nokia has a global market share of 25.1% in the mobile telephone sector, ahead of Samsung (16.1%), LG (5.6%) and Apple (3.9%) . The market share fell to almost a third since 2008. Nokia’s profit was 1.85 billion euros in fiscal 2010, up from 891 million euros a year earlier.

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