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Added : 1st January 2012
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Download NFL playoffs logo – The National Football League playoffs is tournament that is held at the end of every NFL regular season that will determine the NFL champions. Teams play in a single game elimination style tournament and their are six teams from both conferences that are selected based on their regular season records. The first round of the playoffs is called the Wild Card round in which the third-seeded division winner plays the sixth seed wild card, and the fourth seed plays against the fifth. Every 1st and 2nd seeds from both conferences are awarded a bye week in the first round, which means that these teams receive an automatic advancement to the second round. The second round is called the Divisional Playoffs in which Wild Card survivors play against the first and second seeds. The two wining teams from each conference’s Divisional Playoff games would then play in the respective American Football Conference and National Football Conference Championship. The Superbowl which is the NFL championship is played by the winners of each conference.

NFL playoffs logo

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