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Added : 13th October 2011
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Description About New York Giants Logo

Download New York Giants Logo Wallpapers – The New York Giants are an American football team the National Football League (NFL) and play there in the National Football Conference (NFC) in the Eastern Division . The Giants ( Giants ) in 1925 in New York founded. To distinguish the former baseball team New York Giants chose to name the New York Football Giants . After the 1957 baseball team moved to San Francisco and consequently its name to San Francisco Giants , changed the team name was changed to New York Giants . The registered company, however, the association is still New York Football Giants .

new york giants logo

After the team over 50 years, the venues of other New York clubs mitnutzte, 1976, she received her own stadium in New Jersey. Since 2010 serving the Meadowlands Stadium as the home ground, which together with the New York Jets will be used. The team is currently provided by Tom Coughlin trained.

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