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Added : 5th October 2011
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Download New Orleans Hornets Logo Wallpapers – The New Orleans Hornets (dt New Orleans Hornets) are a team of American basketball professional league NBA . Their home games wearing the team in the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans , Louisiana from. Previously to 1979, the NBA team New Orleans Jazz (now Utah Jazz ) played in New Orleans. The Hornets played from 1988 to 2002 in Charlotte , North Carolina . There, in 2004 a new NBA team, which was Charlotte Bobcats allowed. For this reason, the Hornets changed in 2004 by the Eastern Conference in the Western Conference in the NBA, where they play in the Southwest Division.

new orleans hornets logo

By the by Hurricane Katrina caused flooding of New Orleans, the Hornets were forced to escape in the 2005/06 season in another city. 35 home games and training were therefore operating in Oklahoma City instead. The official name of the team this season was New Orleans / Oklahoma City Hornets. At the start of the 2007/08 season, the Hornets went back to New Orleans, where they then all 41 home games in the New Orleans Arena fought out. The 57th NBA All-Star Game was held on 17 February 2008, also in New Orleans.

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