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Added : 5th October 2011
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Download New Jersey Nets Logo Wallpapers – The New Jersey Nets are a basketball team from the North American basketball league National Basketball Association (NBA). The team was in 2010 in East Rutherford , New Jersey home.Of 1967 as New Jersey Americans established club was a founding member of the American Basketball Association . Already in the next season by moving to Long Iceland from the Americans, the New York Nets . After the ABA eventually they moved to the 1977 season in the NBA. Even in the NBA again to be moved after just one year, returned to New Jersey and today it emerged the New Jersey Nets . The team has been through these many moves can never develop a larger fan base and is, in terms of audience numbers, the most unpopular team in the NBA. This is also by far the more popular neighbor, the New York Knicks back from Manhattan, which despite years of poor performance still stands in the favor of fans at the top.

new jersey nets logo

At the start of the 2009/10 season, the Nets put on an infamous record. With the defeat of the second December against the Dallas Mavericks lost for the 18th Times in a row since the start of the season. So that they surpassed the record of the Miami Heat in 1988 and the Los Angeles Clippers from 1999, both of whom had lost 17 ​​times in a row at the start of a season. With their first victory at the fourth December against the Charlotte Bobcats , they built this series but not further.

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