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Added : 11th October 2011
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Description About New England Patriots Logo

Download New England Patriots Logo Wallpapers – The New England Patriots ( English for ” New England – Patriots “), often Pats called [1] are an American football -team professional league of American National Football League (NFL) from Foxborough , Massachusetts . They belong together with the New York Jets , the Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills of the Eastern Division in the American Football Conference (AFC) on. From its foundation in 1959 or the first season, 1960 to move to the Foxboro Stadium in 1970 they were called Boston Patriots . The owner of the team is Robert Kraft , who is also the Gillette Stadium , the team’s current stadium and the football team New England Revolution are.

new england patriots logo

The Patriots played in the original American Football League (AFL) and changed to its dissolution in 1970 in the NFL. Before her first appearance in a Super Bowl four times until they reached the play-offs . After their first two Super Bowls, 1985 against the Chicago Bears ( Super Bowl XX ) and 1996 against the Green Bay Packers ( Super Bowl XXXI ), had lost, they won the Super Bowl in 2001 ( Super Bowl XXXVI against the St. . Louis Rams ), 2003 ( Super Bowl XXXVIII against the Carolina Panthers ) and 2004 ( Super Bowl XXXIX against the Philadelphia Eagles ). They were so after the Dallas Cowboys , the second team in NFL history to have won three Super Bowls in four years. In the 2007 season they were almost in the finals of the New York Giants defeated ( Super Bowl XVII ), making them an unbeaten season ( Perfect Season was) denied that in the NFL so far only the Miami Dolphins ( 1972 ) succeeded.

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