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Added : 2nd August 2011
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NEC Logo Wallpapers – NEC Corporation (English formerly Nippon Electric Company; Jap 日本 电 気 株式会社, Nippon Denki Kabushiki-gaisha) listed in the Nikkei 225, ISIN JP3733000008, was founded in 1899 by Kunihiko Iwadare and is now considered part of the Sumitomo group global electronics company. NEC Super Tower is headquartered in the Shiba 5, Tokyo, Japan. NEC manufactures electronics products from electronic components to home theater devices with over 155,000 employees worldwide. At its founding, the NEC was the first Japanese joint venture with foreign capital participation. Was then co-founded the Western Electric Company, a manufacturer of telephone equipment that belongs to the Bell Company. NEC began manufacturing telephones and switchboards.

nec logo

Focal points of the operating field from NEC are job-chips, supercomputers, PCs, laptops, monitors, peripheral devices (such as computer printers) and the development of HD DVD, would replace what the DVD, but on competing format Blu-ray disc failed. Still further, the latest research and design goes with the “protein-DVD” in collaboration with U.S. researchers at Harvard Medical School in Boston. These DVDs are with a layer of genetically modified bacterial protein bacteriorhodopsin produced excessive and should hold up to 50 terabytes. Order chips from NEC Corporation are used for example in the video game consoles, Sega Dreamcast and Sega Saturn. NEC also made their own consoles as the PC Engine, Turbo Duo, PC-FX. NEC was able to support the first UMTS mobile phone, the video telephony (NEC 606), in series, and correspondingly high quantities to produce. However, this was sold exclusively through mobile operator “3”. Because of developmental delays and it was also crucial for the delayed launch of ‘3 ‘in the UK.

On 11 March 2002, the NEC Earth Simulator supercomputer in operation. With about 40 TFLOPS Earth Simulator led to several years, the list of the most powerful computer in the world. It is almost only used for monitoring the environment, particularly around climate and predict natural disasters and thus help reduce their impact. Also in 2002, NEC Electronics Corporation was founded, the outsourcing of activities out of the semiconductor group. With approximately 24,000 employees NEC Electronics in 2006, thus reaching a turnover of around 646 billion yen. This division became the first April 2010 with Renesas Technology to Renesas merged. In January 2011 it was announced that NEC will merge and Lenovo in the PC business. Through joint development, production and sourcing synergies will arise that will help both companies to reduce the gap to market leader HP. The new joint venture is 51% to 49% of Lenovo and NEC. The end products will continue to be sold under the brand name date

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