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Added : 22nd August 2011
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Download NBA Logo Wallpapers – The National Basketball Association (NBA) since 1946, the existing professional basketball league in North America. It is considered the strongest and most popular basketball league in the world. Currently, the NBA has 30 teams, is home to one of which (the Toronto Raptors) in Canada. Each of 15 teams playing in the Western and the Eastern Conference are, divided into three divisions. The season winner will be played by a full 82 games in the regular-season play-offs, with each of the eight best teams in three rounds of both Conferences for the best mode of Seven meet. The reigning champion is the team the Dallas Mavericks.

nba logo

The NBA is a closed league without increasing or decreasing. New players will be distributed on an annual Entry Draft on the team, with a previous draw determines the order of the teams. Since 2001, the NBA is attached to a smaller league with 15 so-called farm teams, the NBA Development League.

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