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Added : 12th October 2011
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Description About National Football Conference Logo

Download National Football Conference Logo Wallpapers – The National Football Conference (NFC) is one of the two Conferences of the National Football League (NFL). It emerged from the independent old NFL, the 1920 in Canton , Ohio as the American Professional Football Association was founded and two years later in National Football League has been renamed.

national football conference logo

As the 1960 American Football League (AFL) was founded to split the Fanlager. To determine the ultimate champion, the two champions came in January 1967 for the first Super Bowl (then not officially called so) against each other. After the merger, the new big NFL in 1970, the Conference names were virtually self-Thus was the American Football League (AFL), the second Conference, the American Football Conference (AFC) . Initially played in the NFC 13 former NFL teams in the AFC played ten AFL teams and three NFL teams. This is the reason why the NFL does not like the other major U.S. sports (except baseball ) in the Western Conference and Eastern Conference is divided, but in this way. Hence, the position of the teams in both Conferences from all over the U.S. come. For example, play the New York Giants in the NFC and the New York Jets in the AFC.

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