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Added : 15th August 2011
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Download Moulinex Logo Wallpapers – Moulinex was a French manufacturer of kitchen and household appliances, which founded in 1956 by Jean Mantelet in Alencon. The name is now a brand of verwendet.Das SEB Group Company was founded in 1956 by Jean Mantelet. Mid-1980s left the company’s founder and CEO. In 1987, at the helm of the company CEO Roland Darneau, finance director and marketing director Michel Vannoorenberghe Gilbert Torelli.

moulinex logo

As part of a general external growth in 1991, the German company bought Moulinex Krups. Among other things, due to weak global economy, the company got into trouble. The share price fell in late 1995 to 65 francs, recovered thereafter but easy. In 1997 the plant was closed in Mamers and the stock price fell in 1999 to 9.50 €. On 11 September 2001, the company filed for bankruptcy with about 9,000 employees. The allegations of mismanagement denominated to blame on globalization. On 23 October ordered the Commercial Court of Nanterre, Groupe SEB, the administrator of Moulinex. This decision led to massive protests by the workers. Of the eight plants in France had the main production plant in the founding place Alençon three other close, about 5,000 people lost their jobs, 3,700 of them in France. On 23 November 2001 signed the union, whose role is controversial, the severance arrangement, the payments 30000-80000 Franc.

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