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Added : 4th August 2011
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Motorola Logos Wallpapers – Motorola [moʊtəɹoʊlə] was an international manufacturer of electronic systems and components with a focus on mobile communications, networking and embedded systems, based in Schaumburg, Illinois. In 2004 the company had reportedly the world’s $ 31.3 billion in sales.

motorola logo

In Germany the company a long time was represented by the Motorola GmbH in Idstein (formerly in Neuhof). Germany 2004 Motorola achieved with approximately 2,500 employees (2002, 3500) generated sales of around 4.3 (2.6) billion euros. Since 2 May 2011, representing Motorola in Germany through the Motorola Solutions (trunking and PBX solutions) and the Motorola Mobility GmbH (mobile phones).

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