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Added : 26th September 2011
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Description About Miss Sixty Logo

Download Miss Sixty Logo Wallpapers – Miss Sixty is a brand founded in 1991, for fashionable women’s clothing (more recently also for shoes, eyewear and perfume) of the Sixty Group from Italy . It is especially popular among young women and girls from the teen -age. Miss Sixty is known primarily through his jeans models , models of which Tommy and Flare Nixie display (zipper on the back seat) is probably the best known. The pants are cut short and belong to the category hipsters .

miss sixty logo

The company made ​​Sixty 2003 worldwide, with 2400 employees and generated sales of 650 million €. In Germany, Miss Sixty brought together with the customer more to male-oriented group sixty-brand power in the same year to 120 million euros. The group also sells clothing brand Murphy & Nye , Refrigiwear , Killah , Richlu & Baracuta .

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