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Added : 5th December 2011
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Description About Minecraft Logo

Minecraft Wallpaper –  (Click on image below) – Minecraft is a constuction building video game that was created by Markus Persson who started his company called Mojang. Minecraft has been a major success since it was initially released on May 17th, 2009. The games has several modes in one mode you are surviving, which requires the user to maintain their health and the user would also have to acquire all resources possible.  The other game mode would be Creative,  in which the user creates his onwn abilities to either fly or collect unlimited amount of resources and their is no health or hunger factoring in this mode. Every user selects an avatar character that builds his own world forming different structures. There is a free version of the game called classic but you are limited to the things that you can do or you can download a paid version which will enable you to use all aspects of the game.

Minecraft Logo

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